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It(he) has assumed, that the key factor determining long life of the people, is the ability of the grandmothers to live up to deep old age, surrounding in advanced years by care and attention of the growing up grandsons. Thus these young people find more comfortable conditions of life during development and receive competitive evolutionary advantages before what grandmothers early have left life

The scientists consider(count), that validity " hypotheses the grandmother " the good correlation between life expectancy of the women in пострепродуктивный the period and quantity(amount) of the grandsons brought to it(her) е ё дочерьми could show. Opposite(on the contrary), validity of a hypothesis материнства, in turn, should mean a proportional parity(ratio) between quantity(amount) of children and life expectancy after менопаузы.




Yuriy Lujkov artwork


Муравьинный лев has attacked an ant hill. There are victims.

The scientists have found out, what for old women are necessary to a nature

The strong certificates against " hypotheses the grandmother " are found which explains, why the women continue to live after менопаузы.


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